Here at CAS we understand that all individuals and companies are different. We are a client-centric firm with a primary objective of delivering value to those that we serve. We offer a wide range of tax credit, incentive, and cost recovery services that cater to your specific needs and interests. Let’s start a conversation and see what we can do together.


Business Expense Solutions

Capital Analysis Services offers comprehensive expense reduction solutions that all organizations deserve regardless of size. We can bring you the best supplier relationships at the lowest cost to businesses regardless of industry. With over 30+ years of experience in delivering successful client reduction solutions proves that the clear majority of companies are systematically over-paying their solution providers and suppliers.

Our category spend specialists have on average over 20 years’ experience in their focus category. Most companies are surprised to find that they save on average 10-40% depending on spend category. In over 85% of these cases there is no need to change your existing relationship. The result brings equal or better service levels and product quality with additional cash flow returned to your business. This cash can then be redeployed to grow your business.

The following are the most common expense categories where we can be helpful:

  • Utilities & Energy Consumption
  • Waste Management
  • Recycling Services
  • Bank and Credit Line Fees
  • Merchant Fees
  • Equipment Purchasing and Leasing
  • HR & Payroll Management & Solutions
  • Insurance, P/C, Health, Worker’s Compensation
  • Retirement Benefit Plans
  • Telecom, Voice, Data & Mobile Office Supplies
  • Online and Software Licensing Services
  • Printing & Reprographic
  • Information Technology Services
  • Records Management
  • Food & Dietary Services
  • Medical / Laboratory Supplies
  • Uniforms & Linens
  • Chemicals & Fertilizers

Business Incentives

Our Business Tax Incentives can unleash new found money to help you grow faster!


If an organization is hiring 100 new employees or more each year, then they may benefit from having a Capital Analysis Services WOTC Study performed. Originally designed to assist our Military Veterans in finding work when they returned home from overseas, the Working Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a dollar-for-dollar tax credit that provides $3,000 –$9,000 per employee hired.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is open to any tax paying company in the 50 United States, U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, and specifically, it is a federal program that provides tax incentives to employers for hiring and retaining individuals from targeted groups. To claim the credit, an employer must identify a potential hire as an eligible member of one of the targeted groups on or before the day of the job offer.

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Capital Analysis Services assists businesses in obtaining the maximum amount of credits, and our advanced platforms make the process both simple and efficient. After identifying a new hire as potentially eligible through a screening process that is fully-integrated within a company’s applicant tracking system or on-boarding process, the information is then populated onto the required Form 8850 and can then be electronically signed. The documentation is then submitted to the state workforce agency and diligently followed-up on the certification status.


If a company has invested time, money and resources into the advancement and improvement of the company’s product or processes, then it’s likely that the organization qualifies for the Federal R&D Tax Credit Incentive Program. However, many firms are unaware of how to qualify or what to even qualify for, so the opportunity goes unclaimed.

While more than 14,000 U.S. companies claim federal R&D credits annually, less than 33% of companies that qualify for the credits apply for them.

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  • A hidden and immediate source of cash for many small and mid-size companies
  • A significant reduction to current and future year’s federal and state tax liabilities
  • Over $5 Billion in federal R&D tax credit benefits are given out annually
  • Approximately 80% of the $5 Billion goes to a few of the nation’s largest companies


IC-DISC is the last remaining export incentive available to U.S. exporters. It has been around in its current form since 1984, but IC-DISC did not become popular until the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, which lowered the capital gains tax rate and thereby made it more attractive for exporters.

The different entity types that can use the IC-DISC include flow-through entities (S-Corps, partnerships, LLCs, etc.) and closely-held C-Corps. Additionally, it’s important to note that a company does not have to be the manufacturer of any products to take advantage of IC-DISC, but that the company exports domestically produced products.

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Ideal industries to take advantage of the IC-DISC include, but are not limited to, manufacturing, distributors, software, engineering and architectural firms working on buildings/structures in foreign locations and more.

Commercial Property Incentives


Cost Segregation is a lucrative tax strategy that was approved by the IRS in 1997. The concept of cost segregation is to reclassify specific real property assets that usually receive a depreciation life of 39 years (commercial real property) or 27.5 (commercial residential) into “tangible personal property” that is treated as five (5) year property or land improvements which are treated as fifteen (15) year property for depreciation purposes. Due to this improved tax treatment, portions of the electrical, plumbing, mechanical systems, and site improvements of a building along with hundreds of other components can be allocated into shorter lives translating into immediate cash flow.

“Cost Segregation Studies are a lucrative tax strategy that should be considered in almost every real estate purchase”

United States Treasury Department

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Because of improved tax laws, commercial property owners can now receive lucrative tax incentives when replacing or retrofitting lighting, HVAC equipment and roofing systems. Under the new disposition tax laws, a company now can take a 100% tax deduction on qualified property when being abandoned or disposed of in the current tax year.

Capital Analysis Services will provide all the necessary engineering calculations and documentation required for your business to claim all of this additional depreciation. This hidden treasure can quickly add-up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in new found money that will literally pay for the newly-installed energy efficient technologies.

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The Final Repairs Regulations

The IRS issued comprehensive Repair Regulations regarding the deduction and capitalization of expenditures related to tangible property. The regulations are commonly known as the Repair Regulations or the Tangible Property Regulations. The regs are applicable to businesses in all industries that acquire, produce, replace or improve tangible property. Application of the new Repair Regulations requires an in-depth understanding of various tax cases and circumstances that must be met.

Capital Analysis Services is ready to identify and claim your missed deductions and help you conform to the new Repair Regulations. Our experts help businesses retroactively claim any missed deductions.

Who can benefit from a Repair Regulations Study?

The Repair Regulations mostly affect real property and can provide significant benefits even if a cost segregation study has already been performed. IRS procedures allow you to apply these rules retroactively and claim any missed deductions using Form 3115. Correcting these errors is considered an Automatic Change of Accounting Method and does not require amending any returns.

Generally, anyone that has incurred significant costs for renovations to their existing property in the last 15 years is an ideal candidate. The original improvements should be placed in service for at least one year before renovations occur.

Capital Analysis Services recommends a formal study if at least $500,000 or more is spent on renovations.

Significant Rule Changes to Repair Regulations

Below are a few significant rules changes of note regarding Repair Regulations

Whether Building Expenditures are Capital Improvements or Repair Expenses

The IRS outlines numerous subjective factors that must be considered when deciding if the building expenditure is an improvement or a repair expense. Capital Analysis Services engineers will help you determine when it’s appropriate to expense things such as windows, roofs, HVAC, plumbing and electrical based on your unique situation.

Write-off Structural Components of Buildings When Retired or Demolished.

Structural components of a building include items with a long tax life (generally 39, 27.5 or 15 years) such as lighting, roofs, HVAC systems, interior and exterior walls, etc. The new regulations allow you to assign a value to those items and write them off when replaced.

Plan of Rehabilitation Doctrine is Now Obsolete

Under the old rules, you had to capitalize any routine repair work that was performed at the same time as other major improvements. If you did not expense repair work done in the past under the old regulations, you are now able to claim those missed deductions without amending tax returns.

Capital Analysis Services Advantage

Discover why so many companies and accounting firms rely on Capital Analysis Services for their tax incentive, credit and deduction planning needs.

We are passionate about helping business owners and accounting professionals across the country identify, claim and—when needed—defend their tax savings strategies. Our Capital Analysis Services Advantage is the reason why clients turn to us time and time again for assistance. For superior teamwork, tailored service, and assurance backed by our Capital Analysis Services Audit Guarantee, you can rely on Capital Analysis Services.


A fixed asset review evaluates a company’s federal tax depreciation schedule over the last 20 years and assigns the appropriate tax lives to misclassified assets. While a Cost Segregation Study focuses on buildings, a Fixed Asset Review encompasses all fixed assets a company owns, including real property, machinery, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. Misclassifications are generally caused due to changes to case law, use of “book” lives for tax purposes, or the in-depth knowledge necessary to determine correct lives.

Potential Benefits of Fixed Asset Depreciation Review

The result of a Capital Analysis Services Fixed Asset Review is immediate and substantial cash flow by way of accelerating deductions on assets that were previously placed in service with longer tax lives. Other benefits include accurate reporting of book-tax differences and accurate tax filings.

Immediate and substantial cash flow

Accurate reporting of book-tax difference

Accurate tax filings


Traditional cost accounting for mixed-use residential projects often does not properly allocate all construction costs to each section of the property. Consequently, there may be a significant understatement of cost basis for residential condominium units resulting in higher taxable gains upon sale.

This is most common within vertical mixed-use developments where residential condos are stacked on commercial space within the same building structure while sharing an underground parking garage. In these cases, construction costs for various building components such as concrete foundations, structural steel, or plumbing, cannot accurately be apportioned to sections of the property without an engineering analysis of the project blueprints and specifications.

Capital Analysis Services Insight: A Condo Tax Basis Allocation Study for mixed-use projects uses engineering based techniques to maximize cost allocations toward the residential condominiums, thereby lowering taxable gains when each unit is sold. Consider hiring a Certified Cost Segregation Professional (CCSP) to perform this type of analysis for any mixed-use condominium development project over $5 million.


There is a growing trend among developers to build mixed-used properties and add value by attracting more consumers to create additional revenue streams for investment recovery. In some cases, each section of a mixed-used property is owned or operated by a separate legal entity which may require separate books and records. In addition, tax professionals need to separate costs for each section of property as it may have a material impact on taxable gain calculations, property tax reporting, and tax depreciation purposes. For example, the recovery period and eligibility for bonus depreciation can vary greatly between residential property, retail property, leasehold improvements, and commercial building structures.

The challenge is breaking apart costs for construction trades that are lumped together but apply to multiple sections of the mixed-used property (i.e. building structure, elevators, site improvements, roof). Engineering and valuation methodologies can be applied by Certified Cost Segregation Professionals (CCSP) to allocate some trade costs based on the measurable quality of each section (i.e. square footage, # of floors, # of units), while other costs are allocated based on their functional usage. For example, the construction costs of a swimming pool used only by residential condominium owners; or an underground garage used by hotel guests and residents but not for retail customers).

Case Study: A taxpayer builds a mixed-use development property for $15 million. The project consists of 10,000 sf of retail on the ground level with 20,000 sf of residential condominiums above. There is a shared underground parking garage and lobby area. The taxpayer plans to lease the commercial space and hold that portion for the foreseeable future. The taxpayer sells all condominiums in the first year and initially uses a square foot allocation to apportion $10 million towards the residential condominiums.

A Condo Tax Basis Allocation Study is performed by a CCSP and identifies an additional $800,000 of garage, lobby, HVAC and plumbing costs toward the residential condominiums. Depreciation for the commercial space is adjusted accordingly and gain calculations for the condominium sales are now based off of $10.8 million. Taxpayer realizes $280,000* in tax savings in the first year versus depreciating the $800,000 over 39 years. *($800K x 35% tax rate)


Although many tax professionals are familiar with the accelerated deductions associated with cost segregation studies, many overlook the opportunity to apply a Condo Tax Basis Allocation Study to mixed-use residential condominium developments. The benefits cannot be ignored and should be carefully considered for any significant project over $5 million.


Over the past several years, Congress and recent administrations have placed a much emphasis on green building and energy independence initiatives—and none have been more valuable to designers and builders than the Energy-Efficient Commercial Building Deduction (more commonly known as section 179D of the tax code). Building owners, architects, contractors and designers can now qualify for up to $1.80 per square foot for installing energy efficient lighting, heating and cooling systems and building envelope.



Recent tax legislation extended the Energy Efficient Home Credit which offers a 45L Tax Credit of $2,000 per dwelling unit to developers of energy efficient homes and apartment buildings.

Eligible 45L Tax Credit Apartment Buildings & Condos: A dwelling unit should provide a level of heating and cooling energy consumption that is significantly less than certain national energy standards, dependent on when the unit is sold or leased. Based on current construction trends, many developments already exceed these standards. All residential developments and apartment buildings completed within the last 4 years are worth assessing for potential 45L tax credits. Eligible construction also includes substantial reconstruction and rehabilitation. Homebuilders and developers can still claim the 45L tax credit retroactively if they did not claim them on previous tax returns.


  • Properties must be three stories or lower.
  • Must incorporate energy efficient features such as high R-Value insulation and roofing, windows, doors, and/or HVAC systems.

Who can benefit?

  • Homebuilders
  • Multifamily Developers

The following types of projects should be considered:

  • Affordable housing
  • Apartment buildings
  • Assisted living housing
  • Production home developments
  • Residential condominiums
  • Student housing
  • Substantial reconstruction or rehabilitation

The Process

The basis for developing and supporting the 45L tax credit is a detailed energy analysis that must be certified by a qualified third-party. Our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and tax experts will ensure that you obtain the maximum tax credits and provide all the documentation necessary to sustain an IRS audit. We use IRS approved software programs for the IRC Sec. 45L certification.


Many companies pay more in local property taxes than in both sales and income taxes combined, and unfortunately, they assume that it’s just another fixed expense. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. Lowering property taxes by negotiating a fair and equitable assessment is one of the most important steps a company can take to immediately reduce its expenses and increase its cash flow. While most firms pursue income tax strategies, far too few subject property tax assessments to the same degree of scrutiny.

Our experts have testified and negotiated property tax reductions with local and state authorities throughout the country for clients including: Hotels, Light and heavy manufacturing, Shopping malls, Chemical and oil refineries, Senior Living Facilities, Office Buildings, and Apartment Buildings.

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Defer capital gains tax with Opportunity Zones under the new Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA)

The recently passed Tax Reform Act of 2017 (TCJA ) included a potential tax break for investors. An investor may defer capital gains taxes on the sale of any opportunity zones asset. These taxes can potentially be deferred until December 31, 2026, or the date of a sale (whichever is earlier). As discussed below, this original capital gains tax is reduced over time, and if held long enough, new appreciation on the investment can be realized tax free.

How does the Opportunity Zones and Opportunity Fund work?

An investor sells an asset and generates a capital gain. The capital gains from that investment must be reinvested within 180 days into a designated Opportunity Zone (OZ). An OZ is a specially designated census tract. Large parts of the U.S. are eligible for designation, including many commercial, industrial and residential areas.

If the investment is held, the capital gains liability on the original investment will be reduced by 10% after five years and by 15% after seven years. After 10 years, the new capital gains taxes generated from the opportunity fund investment are reduced to zero.

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Free Savings Analysis


We find that 8 out 10 businesses and commercial property owners are leaving money on the table every year.



Strategic Energy Solutions

Capital Analysis Services blends real-time market intelligence, advanced technologies and decades of combined experience to help organizations lower their energy rates and meet operational objectives. Through our deep-rooted partnerships and industry-leading solutions, we bridge the gap between organizations and suppliers to make energy procurement simpler, more strategic and economical.

Powering Your Organization Through Energy Innovation

Our broad range of cutting-edge energy solutions enable schools, businesses, government entities and organizations of all types manage and procure their energy at the most favorable rates and terms available across the entire U.S. energy market.

Retail Energy Procurement

Get competitive pricing and more favorable terms on electricity and natural gas through strategic energy procurement in all deregulated markets.


Meet your organization’s sustainability goals and reduce your carbon footprint with Capital Analysis Services’s green energy solutions.

Demand Response

Leverage Capital Analysis Services’s demand response solutions to lower your energy costs and earn valuable financial incentives.

Energy Efficiency

Optimize your organization’s energy usage to earn certifications, lower your energy rates and become an industry leader.

Wholesale Procurement

Utilize CAS auction technology to streamline your wholesale and mid-market energy procurement process.

Innovative & Strategic Energy Solutions Customized for Your Organization

From our products to our services, we ensure your organization is equipped with a comprehensive energy strategy tailored to your financial, operational and sustainability objectives. Leveraging leading-edge resources and proprietary technologies, Capital Analysis Services helps streamline energy procurement, and prepares your organization for its long-term energy initiatives.

The Capital Analysis Services Reverse Auction

Using our proprietary Reverse Auction, Capital Analysis Services helps businesses, government agencies, schools, and all types of organizations procure the lowest possible electricity and natural gas rates. Simply put: when suppliers compete, you win.

We make energy procurement effortless, transparent and economical.

Getting the best energy pricing should always be a fair and straightforward process. At Capital Analysis Services, we look out for your organization – and your bottom line.

  • To find the right suppliers, we help you create a request for proposal (RFP) tailored to your organization’s needs
  • Participating in a reverse auction is free – so you’ll never have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses
  • To help you make decisions, every auction comes with a detailed summary and cost comparison analysis
  • Because we know your time is valuable, we ensure auctions only last for 5-10 minutes on average

Using Our Unique Auction Technology

We Ensure

  • Each supplier has adequate time to present a new low offer
  • You receive the best price available in the market
  • Every part of the auction process is fair and transparent
  • No participating suppliers can submit a last-second offer

How a Reverse Auction Works

Get real-time offers from the nation’s top energy suppliers, with terms and rates customized to your organization’s current needs and future forecasts.

Get Registered

Simply register for your auction and we’ll start reaching out to energy suppliers. No more tracking down quotes or hassling with brokers.

Schedule Your Auction

Your auction starts on your timetable. Just pick a day and time that works for you, and we’ll invite suppliers who want your business.

Get Supplier Offers

Watch suppliers make real-time offers and counter-offers to give you the lowest energy price. Your Capital Analysis Services Energy Analyst will help you through the process.

Evaluate Your Offers

Receive a detailed savings analysis after the auction. If you’re ready to move forward, your Capital Analysis Services Energy Analyst can help you select a preferred supplier.

Industries We Serve

With partnerships that span every key industry, Capital Analysis Services has the insight and experience to deliver simple, actionable, and cost-effective energy management solutions to your organization. Leveraging our advanced Reverse Auction technology and broad range of strategic energy services, we help organizations lower energy costs, boost operational efficiency, and meet financial objectives.

Advanced Energy Solutions Designed for Your Organization

When you partner with Capital Analysis Services, you access a team of energy experts who understand the unique needs of your industry. With energy products and services designed with your industry in mind, we customize our solutions to meet your organization’s energy needs and financial objectives.

Small Business

Small Business

Lower your long-term energy costs and stabilize your energy budget with Capital Analysis Services’s Reverse Auction and advanced energy solutions.

Commercial & Industrial

Commercial & Industrial

Operate more efficiently by securing long-term energy savings through the Capital Analysis Services Reverse Auction and our customized energy services.

Municipal & Government

Municipal & Government

Maximize your long-term energy budget and meet your sustainability objectives with solutions designed for your market and local community.



Reduce operational expenses and overcome budget challenges by leveraging our exclusive Reverse Auction and tailored energy solutions.



Get simple, streamlined energy procurement solutions that help you reach your financial goals and focus on achieving your mission.



Discover how Capital Analysis Services’s Reverse Auction and energy efficiency solutions enable budget flexibility for the hospitality industry.


Onboarding Software Essentials

The Core Functionality of CASforms creates a simple, intuitive and efficient experience for new hires when filling out paperwork. Fully-streamlined, our software allows users to input their information one-time to automatically fill-in every form where that data is required.

Automate Your Onboarding

Send us the custom forms that your new hires need to fill out. Also select the state and federal forms they need to complete. CASforms will then build a custom questionnaire that intuitively captures all of your employee data one time and automatically fills out all of the required forms. This allows you to use your time more efficiently so that you can focus on your people, not their paperwork.

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Use Your Existing Forms

Consolidate your new-hire, benefits, and open enrollment paperwork and eliminate redundancy. CASforms increases the accuracy and efficiency of your onboarding process. Can you imagine? No more stacks of handwritten forms or missed deadlines. Now, rushed and illegible handwriting is a thing of the past!

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Auto-Fill Your Info

Eliminate redundancy and repetitive activities by consolidating information from forms so that it’s only entered once. Employees type their name, address, social security number, etc. just once and CASforms populates any form that requires it. What’s more, you can pre-populate standard company information on your forms before assigning them to a new hire to save you more time.

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CASforms & E-Verify

Always use the most current forms, (including I-9, federal and state W-4). Our system automatically updates them for you, you’re always up to speed, meet compliance and deadline. Furthermore, as an E-Verify Employer Agent, you simply click through to the E-Verify website from inside our system. Our advanced technology pushes I-9 data into E-Verify so that you don’t have to log into the E-Verify system.

CASforms was created to reduce paper usage & pen-strokes. The efficiency of our system improves accuracy and eliminates handwriting forensics from HR’s job description – reducing errors & reducing risk.

Multilingual Support

CASforms translates form queries into over 80 languages and then compiles the information back to English; employees can use the system in their prefered language – limiting information lost in translation. We create better communication with fewer errors!

100% Valid E-Signatures

Sign, submit, and approve without ever touching a single piece of paper. A truly paperless onboarding solution, conveniently saving you time and resources.

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Print Completed Documents On-Demand

Information is securely stored on our secure servers. At anytime, PDF’s can be generated to easily print whenever you need the forms, if you need a hard copy. We built our system to conveniently reduce wasted resources and physical storage space.

HR Admin Features

CASforms was built to harness the power of the cloud. You can access our application from anywhere you do business. Your employees can fill out their paperwork before reporting to the office, so their first day can be focused on training – not filling out forms.

Easy-Access Dashboard

Communicating with your employees has never been easier. Our secure messaging center provides a fast and simple solution for asking questions or exchanging ideas and all messages are stored in the system.

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Customizable Reports

The Employee Reports feature allows you to customize information to pull from the information stored in CASforms. This provides the opportunity to analyze the data.

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Granular Document Management

CASforms allows you to set expirations for documents that won’t be valid indefinitely. In addition, Federally mandated documents are updated automatically for you.

Your information won’t be lost due to system time-outs or computer crashes. Our system saves the information at every step of the process, so employees can start filling out forms now and come back to them later if they’re short on time!

Comprehensive Documentation

Finding answers is simple and pain-free with the HR Admin Guide. This feature provides detailed instructions in a centralized location and allows you to utilize each function to its full capacity.

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Bulk Hiring Options

No matter how many forms you have or how many employees you hire, you won’t be charged storage. Our flexible pricing is all-inclusive, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.

Central Communication Hub

Communicating with your employees has never been easier. Our secure messaging center provides a fast and simple solution for asking questions or exchanging ideas and all messages are stored in the system.

Cloud-Based Features

CASforms was built to harness the power of the cloud. You can access our application from anywhere you do business. Your employees can fill out their paperwork before reporting to the office, so their first day can be focused on training – not filling out forms.

Remote Access

As a cloud-based software, employees can start forms from one location and complete them hours later from a separate location. Forms can be accessed and printed at your convenience.

Data Encryption

CASforms features enterprise-level privacy and security with SSAE-16 compliance. All information is processed using secure encryption—the same level of encryption used by leading banks. Personal information is transmitted, stored, and processed securely on our PCI-Compliant servers.

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API Integration

CASforms can easily be integrated into any HR software, even if your company has its own custom-built system. Our API is built to work with any software.

Your information won’t be lost due to system time-outs or computer crashes. Our system saves the information at every step of the process, so employees can start filling out forms now and come back to them later if they’re short on time!

Scalable Infrastructure

The enterprise-level servers and supporting devices are capable of handling very high levels of traffic, so you don’t need to worry about bottlenecks during onboarding. Weekly offsite backups ensure your company information is preserved despite possible disaster.

Unlimited Storage

No matter how many forms you have or how many employees you hire, you won’t be charged storage. Our flexible pricing is all-inclusive, so you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.

Print Completed Documents On-Demand

Information is securely stored on our secure servers. At anytime, PDF’s can be generated to easily print whenever you need the forms, if you need a hard copy. We built our system to conveniently reduce wasted resources and physical storage space.


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