Employees Sign Documents Electronically

If you’ve ever come close to missing a deadline because you had to track down an employee for a missing signature, you know that most of that time is spent chasing the signature, and not actually getting the signature. With CASforms, documents are converted into digital files and stored in the cloud so they can be accessed remotely, and signed and submitted electronically. CASforms converts every step of your onboarding into a fully electronic process so you no longer have to hunt down an employee or their paperwork, and your risk of missing important deadlines is reduced significantly.

Time spent hunting through filing cabinets and sifting through stacks of paperwork is thing of the past. With CASforms, you’ll never have to hit ‘print’ to get even a single signature from your employees, which means fewer trips to the office supply store to stock up on paper, ink, folders, pens, staples, and yet another filing cabinet. And instead of trying to find places to house those supplies, you’re more likely to gain a whole lot of extra room in the office. So go ahead and stretch your legs out and enjoy the view- at least until the boss runs out of places to put all those desks you’ll be needing for the new hires.

  • Capture signatures simply, remotely & securely, reducing the need to chase down employees when forms need to be updated.
  • Employees love the convenience of digital signatures so they don’t have to break away from their work to go to the HR office for a wet signature.
  • Reduce Compliance Risks
  • Streamline Workflow
  • Limit Resource Exposure
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